Gulzar, the renowned Indian poet, lyricist, and filmmaker, is celebrated for his remarkable poetry, which captivates readers with its creativity, emotional depth, and profound insights into the human experience. His verses weave together a tapestry of emotions, touching on themes of love, loss, longing, and the beauty of life.

At FCC, we are inspired by the imagery and creativity that Gulzar displays in his craft. Gulzar’s poetry is marked by vivid imagery and evocative language. He paints scenes with words, transporting readers to the very heart of his poetic world. His ability to use simple, everyday objects and experiences as metaphors for complex emotions showcases his creative prowess. The use of symbols and allegory in his poetry enhances the depth of meaning, making his verses resonate deeply with readers. Gulzar’s mastery of the language allows him to play with words and create powerful poetic expressions. His use of wordplay, puns, and double entendre adds layers of meaning to his verses. He often blends Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi to create a unique linguistic blend, enriching the texture of his poetry. This linguistic inventiveness showcases Gulzar’s creativity and makes his poetry a delight to read and listen to.

Similarly, the strategy development process at FCC is innovative/creative/unique. It is a living, breathing, and creative process. We dig into gigabytes and gigabytes of data and gain mastery over what it is trying to tell us. We then use ample creativity and inventiveness to convert this market data into innovative strategies.


Gulzar is not only celebrated for his creative genius but also for his exceptional work ethic. Throughout his illustrious career, Gulzar has demonstrated dedication to artistic excellence. Whether through penning poetry, writing film scripts, or directing movies, Gulzar exhibits a deep sense of commitment to producing high-quality work. His willingness to invest time and effort into perfecting his creations is evident in the meticulousness and attention to detail that permeates his body of work. Gulzar’s work ethic extends beyond a single domain of creativity. Throughout his career, he has embraced diverse artistic ventures, ranging from poetry, screenwriting, and filmmaking to translating and adapting literary works. 


Gulzar’s work ethic also encompasses a willingness to evolve and adapt with changing times. He has consistently reinvented himself, embracing contemporary themes and styles while maintaining the essence of his artistry. This adaptability has allowed him to remain relevant and resonate with diverse audiences across generations.


At FCC, we remain inspired by personalities such as Gulzar’s and try to adopt the same principles: respect for the creative process, strong work ethic, commitment to the craft, adaptability, and pursuit of excellence in our day-to-day work.