3Blue1Brown’s Math Videos

Grant Sanderson is the mastermind behind 3blue1brown, a youtube channel that he uses to post math videos. Sanderson has an uncanny ability to make even the most complex math concepts feel approachable and exciting. Sanderson’s animations are like a window into the math itself. Whether he’s explaining calculus, linear algebra, or geometry, the dynamic visuals breathe life into abstract concepts. Watching lines curve, shapes transform, and equations come to life adds a whole new dimension to learning math.

But it’s not just about pretty visuals. He doesn’t just teach you how to solve equations; he delves into the “why” behind the solutions. He walks you through thought experiments, encourages you to ponder mathematical puzzles, and leaves you with a feeling of empowerment to tackle mathematical mysteries on your own.


Moreover, these videos are engaging on a personal level. Sanderson’s narration is warm and relatable as if he’s having a one-on-one conversation with you. He injects humor and anecdotes that make the learning experience enjoyable and lighthearted. The diversity of topics covered is remarkable as well. From cryptography to calculus, from neural networks to number theory, there’s something for everyone. My favorite remains the series on Linear Algebra. What I learned in a couple of hours on linear transformations, dot and cross products, and Eigenvectors was way better than the entire Linear Algebra course that I did during my undergrad.